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We aim to provide answers to your queries and guide you through your experience with Lakeview Home Improvements.

Unfortunately, every property is different, we need to take measurements,

And find out what colours and product that works best for your home

The map shows the areas we carry out our installation..this includes; Warwickshire, Coventry, Rugby, Daventry, Nuneaton, Bedworth, Leicestershire, Balsall common

For Concrete gutter we cover the whole of the uk

Yes all our Quotations are free, a site visit is always done if within our local work area

Concrete gutter Quotations are taken from google earth and are fixed for 14 Days, We Quote between 8am & 6.30pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 12.30pm Saturdays,

Quotations take around 20-30 minutes.This gives us enough time to look around and take measurements, pictures and to go through colours and what type of product is best for your home

Yes, we use scaffolding, we do not work off ladders or make-shift platforms. Scaffolding provides the right way to do the best job, we organise everything within our quote, alternatively you can use your own scaffolding. Payment is separated at the end of the works and is made directly to the scaffolding company, we have used the same scaffolding company for many of years, they give us a very good price.

Scaffolding can take up to 2 weeks to be removed, but we aim to gets this removed within a week of finishing your work

We do not require deposit’s for none bespoke products, if we have to order matrials we do take a deposit… Windows and doors, Concrete guttering if outside our local area, Mock tudor boars 

We do not need anyone at the property when work starts, if we can have a power supply that’s all we require

When we remove down pipes we only replace above floor level, a connector is installed to fix to the right shape down pipe

Myself the company owner or our fully trained staff, every single job that’s not installed by myself is then inspected by myself before payments is taken, this helps keep very high standards

Our fascia is 16mm or 22mm this is more than adequate as we prepare all rafters with treated timbers

This stops rotting, if pvc is put over old painted timber this will make it rot quicker and poteninally fall off

WE do not over clad what so ever/ the only time we will put soffits over old soffits if there is reson to beleave asbestos is present,

If the soffits might contain asbestos a test will need to be done, this is at the home owners expense, if the homeowner does not want to remove the material we can cover this with soffits and not disturb the product, this is not our preferred approach

To help heat loss and to keep up with building regulations

When the heat from your home rises into the loft and hits the cold of the felt/tiles condensation forms. The ventilation allows a circulation of air in the loft space to control this and keep your timber substructure dry.

There is no precise time in which your roofline will need replacing but when your timbers show signs of peeling paint, sagging soffits or rotting ends this is the main time to replace  

Bacs, cash or card, on the day of completion, Scaffolding is paid separately

This is something we can do but is not included in replacing the window so would be extra

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