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Replacing Concrete Guttering​

Why you should replace your Concrete Guttering

Often, homeowners are oblivious to their guttering woes until it’s too late. Don’t let your gutters deteriorate to the point of leaks and dampness damaging your precious walls becoming a costly problem. Concrete guttering, also referred to as Finlock guttering, was a popular choice for homes built between the 1950s and 1970s. It was intended to serve two primary purposes: sealing the cavity at the top of the brickwork and offering a supposed maintenance-free solution. However, over time, the flaws in this design became evident.

The Achilles’ heel of concrete guttering lies in its inability to provide proper drainage. Unlike modern systems with a slight slope to guide rainwater away, concrete gutters lack this crucial feature. Consequently, as the years pass, these gutters tend to crack, leak, and sag under the weight of accumulated water.

By opting to replace your aging concrete guttering with new, low-maintenance UPVC guttering, fascias, and soffits, you can bid farewell to a range of common issues, including:

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